Improve business efficiency through call centers

How to improve the efficiency of the company by the WCC Omni-directional Contact Center system customer service?

In the traditional call center system, the communication between the customer and the customer service is relatively simplistic, mainly through the telephone to interact, or the customer service to send text messages but the information transmission.
In recent years, with the popularity of online socialization and the continuous renovation of marketing methods, the traditional communication mode will cause enterprises to lose most of their customers, so the WCC omni-channel contact center system came into being, based on the traditional call mode.
More communication channels have been added, including WeChat public account, webpage real-time dialog box, microblogging private letter, etc., some social media mainstream social contact

Realize that no matter what communication channel the user comes from, it can be diverted to the customer service, so that the customer service and the customer can communicate in a timely and effective manner.

IVR voice robot navigation can divert customers at peak times, save more time in both directions, reduce customer waits, and improve customer satisfaction.

Increasing the amount of corporate website traffic, the increase in visitors represents more opportunities.

The configuration of the WCC intelligent knowledge base allows agents to be more professional and efficient when answering customer questions, giving customers the best experience.


Why call centers are known as Artificial Intelligence Services?

Do you know that why contact centers are known as artificial services these days? This is because in earlier days contact centers were used to receive only voice call over the phone but now call center uses artificial intelligence services to experience the exceptional features. Now call center is not up to only interaction, chat or mails that is why it is named as AI contact center.
Call centers are assisted significantly by range of software programs to handle a multitude of communications over various communication mediums known as AI contact center. Some instance of such software are telephone VoIP call control, predictive dialer , call routing software and automated call distribution system and others.
IVR and new experience AI services are found to put the clients at the center of the business operations. Most AI contact centers are now found to provide the clients with the value-added services like one call resolutions. It also maintains the healthy relation between clients and the agents by providing round the clock customer support that includes a lot of other services that are not found earlier.
The new generations of the Artificial intelligence services include the VoIP based contact centre solutions. You will see what are they and how they are making a difference to the operations of the clients in the following lines.
What are Artificial Intelligence Services?
The artificial intelligence services based contact centers are known to be the generation next contact centers. These centers are especially known for handling the calls over the internet using the IVR and New Experience AI Service. All the calls are routed over the web with the packet switching technology while the Artificial Intelligence services offer intelligent data transmission and routing.
The AI contact centers offer great in emailing, telemarketing, instant messaging and many more as they are basically internet based. In addition to it, due to the low-cost operations, even the small-sized centers and the startups can also make it quite big if at all they opt for the exact AI contact center services to manage the resources well.
The main features on offer:
Ø Flexible and measurable telephone user interface 
Ø Several reports that plan out the agent performance and call history 
Ø Call monitoring in real time and agent performance to develop the competence and to identify the weak areas 
Ø Central office which runs the call turnover which is taking place at diverse locations
Ø Screen pops that help the agents to get the information in the real time
Ø Agents including the ability to work from their homes and from the other geographically dispersed sites 
Ø The use of intelligent call routing that uses up to dated client database and wherein the callers achieve the agent best qualified to address their requirements
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Advantages of customer relationship management

CRM is the customer relationship management that can be proved a valuable asset for your business. It does not matter what kind of business is, your customer relationship management is important. There are various CRM benefits for business and if you do not have CRM in the place and wanted to get the best CRM systems, then you are at right place. Here, we are letting you know some of the points that you can consider for best CRM systems.
Ø Store information in a useful way
One of the main benefits of CRM systems to customers is that it stores their information. It is very important not because you can contact them easily but you can keep their ordering history. It means you can retain your business effectively and know your clients better. The Best CRM systems allow recovering related information about customers easily.
Ø Save cost and Time
Best CRM system not only handles a customer in a better way but it also allows your clients to perform more tasks that can be one by your employees like placing orders or getting general information. So, you can say CRM benefits for business is that it save a lot of time and money.
Ø Empowers Customers
Another benefit of CRM system is that it can make your customer feel empowered if they call in and handled by employees along with saving time and money. The best and well-organized CRM makes clients feel that they are in power of the process while doing the business.
Ø More Effective Customer Service
The best CRM systems greatly mechanize the client service process by making it more effective and user-friendly. There is always going to be the need for human communication of course but by automating the system effectively so that a lot of time can be saved. Clients can easily navigate their way to the right information so that personal communications like phone calls or emails are saved for unusual situations.
Ø Better Communication Within Your Company
Another CRM benefit for business is that you can work more effectively in a team than isolated units as different departments share data. It helps every business to understand that all are working towards the same goal because every department has its own specialty. You can easily pass information at more practical everyday level from one part of your organization to another.
Ø Improves Client Satisfaction and Loyalty
It does not matter whether your company offers or not, you need to deliver a good service or product. This is the basic and CRM system cannot do it for you. However, in the era of great information, many people truly value a proficient, user-friendly environment when they order something. So they are far more likely to return to you in the future and advise you to others if you offer a clear and effective way to commune with them.
The best CRM system can help in every aspect of client relationship. So you need to find the CRM that offer benefits to your business.


由于对更好的负担得起客户不断增加的需求服务,所以呼叫中心的需求量很大。呼叫中心已成为所有成功的客户服务战略中不可或缺的一部分,通常,高效的呼叫中心与了解客户服务的人员合作,可以24 * 7全天候处理任何类型的呼入呼叫。客户是您的业务存在的根本,多渠道客户服务是一个为您开拓、留存客户的重要行业。这就需要让客户满意,因此企业就引入了移动SDK联络中心系统
多渠道联络中心移动SDK意味着使用不同媒介处理呼入入站客户端服务进行查询。例如,多渠道联系服务将回答您的客户服务热线并管理您网站上的实时聊天服务或点击致电服务。 Mobile SDK联络中心系统使用现代路由方法处理支持票据并响应客户的电子邮件。


How is outbound call center software beneficial for your business?

Generally when a person is not interested in speaking with you or their needs does not match up, they have common statement, “Do not call us, we will call you”. Have you ever given thought that if their needs do match up and they are interested in talking to you but you were not able to reach them efficiently?
Call center software is the virtual office that offers service that allows you to perform the best while the prospects and leads come to you. Lead generation is full-time engagement, so the expert manager can make your business practice best for you.
Outbound call center software shacks light on your business services proficiently and efficiently that bring leads to your door so that you can take it from there and win them with your ability and passion.
Here are some common call center software questions of these call center solutions.
1. How will you know when is the time to use outbound call center software?
2. The whole thing is time. When you need to concentrate on your service or product, hiring a third to bring the lead to you is a great time saver. You all know that time saver is a money saver.
3. Only employees can know their business better, then why to use outbound call center software?
4. It is true that none can know your business better than your employees but the same time it is true with outbound call center software. It takes many year experiences to learn the ropes of prospecting t get the results when it comes to sales.
5. Are not call centers solutions just a huge room with lots of people with headphones?
6. It is a common misconception and generally, every person thinks the same. It is truly about the connections for the person who knows it or are already its customers how great customer service works and treats prospects.
Nowadays, call center software can offer you a lot than traditional customer service call fielding. New business models and software allows the modern outbound call center software to help business in lead generation and lead follow-up through various media types consisting phone, internet chat and social media networks. This permits the outbound call center software to reach a lead through a communication channel that they choose, not force them to correspond by phone. This way call center software can help the business they are representing in turn leads into sales more speedily than ever before.
Do you still think that outbound call center software is new for you? Understand it in a simple term; it is just about the network in the business cocktail party. Consider the outbound call center software a smooth host that joins two people who are doing business together. We hope this helps you in understanding the term call center software better and runs your business efficiently.


How Interactive Voice Response Systems Help To Handle Auto Attendant

Generally, small business owners lost many potential customers. Have you ever given thought that why it happens? It because they do not have proper sound or there is a busy tone when the customers try to reach them. It is the right time to adopt a new phone system having an auto attendant with Interactive Voice Response system. Although IVR system is expensive, still you can get it through a hosted PBX service. A hosted PBX system includes all the features of the latest phone system but at far less cost owing to the virtual nature of the phone system. You can get such kind of IVR system with a dedicated phone or internet connection.

The auto attendant system will serve as a medium between your callers and you. In fact, it will also pay customized greeting message for specific callers and present them with a menu including options with which one can get connected to the needed extension. The Interactive Voice Response System will follow the caller's voice commands and offers the right menu options. If there is a need then callers can use touch tone keys to choose the options. A voice-enabled auto attendant serves a very good purpose of receptionist for those businesses who are not able to handle the calls with the same efficiency.
Moreover, an auto attendant system also serves the purpose of the multi-channel contact center. Now you don’t need to fear of losing important caller due to a busy signal. Auto attendant system diverts the important calls to the interactive voice response system when there is a busy signal. Customers can also leave their message. In this way, the negative effects of busy caller tune will be lessening. Many callers do not dial a company's numbers because there were a series of busy tones. You can avoid losing these callers by adopting a smart auto attendant supported by the IVR system.
IVR system includes fax mail system for delivering fax. Here, faxes are delivered to an email account rather than the regular fax machine. The auto attendant system witnesses the incoming signal to distinguish between calls and faxes and connects the signals to the suitable systems. In this way, your calls and faxes can be handled in an effective manner using this kind of smart auto attendants with Interactive voice response system. You can do the efficiency and image of large companies. You can enhance the productivity of your employees by providing them with their owing phone extensions, fax numbers, and voice mailboxes.
Interactive Voice response plays a very important role to enhance your business growth. If you are looking for an IVR system to develop your business, WCC is the best place for you where you can get all kind of equipment for your multi-channel contact centers. Visit us to know more.

WCC: Improve your business with SMS service center

SMS is not new in the industry. Most of the contact center uses SMS services for marketing. In fact, SMS has various uses and the one of the best use to boost company’s client service experience. Clients have complained about the poor web customer service. There were many companies who were not having proper contact center systems to offer the best service.

With the modern technology, many companies upgrade their contact center to SMS service center to get the maximum benefit and fetch more clients. For instance, sending a message “Now” will return what is on TV now to your mobile and sending “primetime” will give you prime time list.

Nowadays, SMS service center is not restricted to getting information, clients can also get appointment reminders, payment confirmations and other messages on their mobile phones. Contact center systems use SMS to enhance customer satisfaction as well as to diminish customer service costs.

Moreover, SMS are also used to sell products or repair and return services. You also have observed that you text the product serial number via SMS and then get a confirmation of warranty as well as the repair instructions when the product arrives at the repair center. You will also get SMS message confirming receipt of the product and when the product is fixed, the customer gets another text message confirming a shipping date.

With SMS service, a client always remains in contact which gives him complete satisfaction and happiness. A client will always remain updated as he will get every minor detail of his product repairs like When the product is undergone for repair and when it will get repaired and many more.
Another benefit for SMS service center is lower client service cost. Every company has cut the cost of contact center depending upon the success of SMS program. This way SMS service center has not only ease customers but also made companies happy as they have lower customer service cost.

SMS service center has many benefits even you can also take advantage of SMS service for your business. If you have hotel business or restaurant business, you can use SMS service to book or cancel the dinner hours. You can use SMS for appointment services or reminder. In fact, you can also use SMS to receive order or track order for your products.

SMS services have shown the great impact on the business as it also cut the cost of the business. If you are also thinking to get the contact center systems, SMS service center will be the best choice for you. WCC is the place which offers all kind of contact center services. Visit our website to know more about it.